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Hydro Pod®

Hydro Pod®

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Patients may consider the Hydro Pod® to:

  • Avoid harmful build up between teeth
  • Remove bad breath contributors
  • Clean and stimulate below the gumline
  • Stop damage from traditional floss

Water flosser vs string floss

The Hydro pod has a number of advantages when compared to traditional string floss. Most importantly, it has been proven in lab studies that water flossing is 29% more effective at cleaning while only requiring half the cleaning time as manual flossing methods. In addition, the Hydro pod is much more dynamic, offering 10 different pressure settings and 5 unique cleaning nozzles allowing you to clean under the gum-line and the tongue.

Traditional floss if used inappropriately can cause damage to teeth and gums; enamel can be worn away and the gums can be forced to recede. You’ll also have to keep going back to buy more, how long is that piece of string!

Water flossing in dentistry

The technology utilised in the Hydro pod is directly engineered from the technology commonly used by hygienists. High pressure water is an essential mechanism of a full oral cleaning appointment. Although we would always advise visiting a hygienist for professional advice and direction, the Hydro pod serves as the next best alternative. Enjoy a dentist fresh feeling from the comfort of your own home.

Technical specifications

Rated: 3.7V 5W
Waterproof level: IPX7
Input parameters: 5V 1A
Weight: 460g
Tank Volume: 300ml
Power Supply: AC 100-220V, 50Hz
USB charger

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